Q. What can Karon bring to the table?

A.  "Karon is a true professional, a Sports Girl with a tremendous work ethic and sense of commitment.  She takes direction extremely well and never puts ego ahead of what's best for the Project.  I can't wait to work with her again!"  Kristy McCarley, Executive Producer - Shazzy Fitness DVD Series

A.  "Since meeting Karon in 1998, I've found her to be an incredible person.  If there was anybody I wanted on my Team it would be Karon.  Her positive energy and outlook make her an invaluable asset.  She's also very smart and thinks quickly on her feet.  A consummate Team player with the success of the Project constantly on her mind."  Conrad Kiffin, DP - NYC

Q.  What's the 411 from the Set?

A.  "I worked with Karon to produce an interactive DVD for our traveling road show.  Our sales team will be traveling across the country and into Canada interacting with Karon via DVD during the one hour presentation.  Her portion of the program will vary from the serious Co-Anchor, to the slightly irreverent but funny side-kick.  She was great to work with and has many hidden talents.  Speaking five languages helped out in the multi-lingual part of our presentation and she can sing like an angel"! Chris Craddock, VP Multimedia Ops at Projections, Inc.

Q. Why book Karon?

A.  "Karon can tackle any role.  She can do sports, news, drama or comedy and also wing it with a light script when hosting a Show.  Pair Karon up with the right co-host (male or female) and they come across natural and make you want more.  Best of all, Karon has a great sense of humor and is a true pleasure to work with."  Walter Orechwa, CEO Projections, Inc. 

A.  "Karon Cook is a consumate professional who is very easy to work with.  Karon takes direction very well and can change her performances with every take which is a treat.  I would work with Karon again without a doubt."  Jason Sirotin, Producer ECG Productions

A. "I met Karon about ten years ago, when I cast her in a commercial I was producing.  From the very first Project, I've seen Karon approach her roles with enthusiasm, creativity, and heart.  I believe she approaches life that way too.  I look forward to our current, and future collaborations."  Ted Westby, Writer/Producer



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